Home Theatre Installation Tip

Planning for your new home theatre!?

By planning the setup of your new home theatre system and ensuring that it will fit perfectly in your desired location, you could potentially save yourself hours and the physical labour involved with the re-arrangement of your living room!

Our technicians can assist you in each step of the planning and of course installation process, so please contact ElecPro to arrange for a technician to attend your home. However, if you are too excited about your new home system and would like to get the ball rolling before a technician arrives, feel free to follow these tips to prepare your room for the installation of your new system.

  • You will need to take into consideration how brightly lit the room is. If it does receive a lot of natural light, ensure that the room has blinds or shutters than can prevent the natural light from ruining your viewing experience.
  • Ensure that the wires of your surround sound system can run along the base of your wall and not under your carpet or across the middle of your floor as this will create a safety concern for yourself and visitors to your house.
  • Your speakers should wall mounted or in an area where you can be sure they will not be continuously knocked over. If you would like your speakers to be mounted, please discuss this with ElecPro when booking in your home theatre installation.
  • If you plan to place your new home theatre system on top of a television unit, please ensure that the unit allows access to the back of the equipment and that it is strong enough to withhold the weight of the entire system.
  • As your living room has probably not been designed with the required number of power outlets, it is advisable to purchase a power board from an outlet store such as Harvey Norman to ensure you have the required number of outlets and a surge protector to protect your new home theatre system.
  • Label your wires prior to the arrival of a technician. These labels can be found in many grocery stores, newsagents and stationary stores. It is recommended to wrap a label around both ends of the wire and label both in a way that will be easy for you to understand down the track if you need to find a specific chord.
  • Once a ElecPro technician has attended to your home and set up your home theatre system, please read through the manuals carefully and then be sure to put all of the manuals together and stored in a place that you will not forget. You may need them later.